Neil Bakewell's unique and inspirational life story is one of overcoming terrible adversity by actually doing something different, embracing change and having the courage to take action. It is this powerful story and the lessons he has learned along the way which Neil shares in his speech to motivate his audience delegates to achieve the very best that they can.

A flavour of the keynote is shared below.

"Why can't I speak?"

At the age of nine he was a happy, healthy child playing in the football team, going to cub scouts and playing in the school band; All was well in his world. Then, overnight, he developed a stutter and he could barely spit out two words in a row. He was bullied and mocked relentlessly on the school playground. As a result he turned to food for comfort and was soon a compulsive overeater. This fact he kept hidden and only ate in secret, hiding his problem from the world. At the age of 17 he was finally tested for dyslexia and realised why he had never been able to learn the alphabet.

25 years later, Neil was still overeating in secret. But his problem was no longer hidden from the world. Because now he weighed 43 stone (603 pounds) and he was staring death in the face.

"Parallel Universe"

Yet it was like Neil was operating in two different universes. On one side his physical and mental health was falling apart. Yet on the other he was enjoying fantastic success. He earned a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He met a wonderful lady, who became his wife. Together they started a business that reached a seven figure turnover inside 24 months, all with just £500 in start up money.

"If we do nothing, you'll be dead in five years"

Neil finally came to the realisation that he was addicted to food and something different had to be done. Over the years he had tried everything to lose weight, diets, slimming clubs, pills, personal training...even hiring a personal chef! Nothing worked. Then someone suggested weight loss surgery. The surgeon was blunt, "If we do nothing, you'll be dead in five years." It took a lot of convincing and hard thought for Neil to go through with the surgery. Today his life is transformed because he had the courage to take action and change. The courage to do something different.

Now he has even beat his biggest demon, standing up and speaking in front of an audience.

"Key lessons and take home value"

Neil shares the lessons he has learned both from the successes in his life and the failures. Delegates who hear him speak are moved by what they have heard and are motivated to take control of their lives or businesses. They are keen to embrace change and do something different in order to achieve the success that they have dreamed of.

Here are the main elements of Neil's presentation:

  • Responsibility for your situation is yours and yours alone
  • Nothing is impossible. Your past doesn't have to equal your future.
  • Often you have to look beyond the norm and do something different to achieve the success that you seek.

"He doesn't just speak, he interacts"

A key element of Neil's presentation is when a lucky delegate gets to dress up in 8XL clothing and tries to lift a 100lb rucksack! Get your mobile phones out to record!

"Not just education"

Neil delivers a high energy, passionate, funny and inspirational speech. At times delegates have been known to shed a tear, but they always leave on a high. He uses personal real life stories that are his and his alone. If you want a speaker that is truly unique then Neil Bakewell is your only port of call.