Neil Bakewell has an astonishing life story which is the subject of his keynote speech. This biography lives a short insight into that story and some of his achievements.


  • Born in the UK in 1976 in Burton on Trent, a small midlands town, that is the home of the brewing industry and marmite.
  • Currently lives in Tonbridge, Kent with his wife, step daughter and two dogs.
  • At nine years old he developed a stammer that was so bad he could barely spit out two coherent words.
  • Bullied on the playground because of the stammer Neil turned to food for comfort and soon turned into a secret compulsive eater.
  • He always found spelling an issue at school, at seventeen he was finally comprehensively tested for dyslexia. After speech therapy, the stutter was almost 90% irradiated. But the compulsive eating remained.
  • Despite this he graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in aeronautical engineering.
  • His weight continued to get bigger and bigger
  • In started a business with his wife in 2001 and it grew to a seven figure turnover in just two years.
  • Despite repeated attempts to lose weight. Neil continued to pile on the pounds, finally accepting the fact he was addicted to food. By 2009 he weighed 43 stone (603 pounds) and was given only five years left to live


  • Despite the high risk factor Neil decided the only way to save his life was to undergo a gastric bypass operation.
  • To date he has lost over 20 stone and is still losing
  • After recovering from the operation he decided to beat his other demon. Speaking. He became a professional speaker at the end of 2009.
  • His first paid professional speaking job was meant to be in front of 30 people. There were almost 400 people packed into the room.
  • He has now told his inspirational message to thousands of people in corporate groups and schools.


Everything to Lose

 "Neil, I have just finished reading your book and have found it so very inspirational. To have made such a change in your life and then go on to help others is what life is all about and I applaud you. I have had food addictions for most of my life and I would love one day to be able to help others. Thank you for sharing your story and all the best for your future" Anne Beattie

Everything to Lose is Neil's autobiography telling his whole story, the terrible lows, the gorging on food and slow death eating himself to the grave. And then…the change, the turn around.

  • It is published in more than forty countries around the world.

Media appearances

Neil is in constant demand by the media. His story was filmed for the UK TV documentary series "Fat Doctor" and Neil is soon to be filming follow up episodes for broadcast in 2012.

In addition Neil's story has featured in the Sun Newspaper, the UK's highest circulation newspaper, together with numerous local press and magazine interviews and features.

Neil is a regular contributor to BBC radio stations providing expert opinion on the subject of food addiction and weight loss surgery.